Mark Duplock

Ma Knows Best

Ma always told me not to do something unless there was some good in it for me. She was pretty clear on that, and mostly, it got me by.

Sure, there were times when I should’ve done different. Some people got wronged because of the things I did. Some people died when they shouldn’t have.

But that’s life, ain’t it? Bad shit happens to people every day and there ain’t much you can do but look out for yourself.

So, how the fuck did I end up like this? I’m sure Ma would be angry at something I’d done that let it get so bad, but I can’t figure it out.

One minute, everything’s going great. Everyone’s joking, even the boss is cracking off like it’s his birthday or something.

I think maybe we scored big, or one of the other bosses got hit. Who knows? Who the fuck cares? It’s a party, right?

Then Billy pulls out his gun. He’s yelling about how the family ripped him off. I dunno what the fuck he’s talking about, but he sounds pissed.

Everyone’s got their guns out now, but stupid fucking me. I’m standing next to the boss with my dick in my hand. People are pointing guns, and I’m holding my goddamn beer.

Everyone’s yelling at Billy to put the gun down. “Let’s talk,” they say. Billy ain’t listening, though. You can see it in his eyes—he’s not getting out of this, and he knows it.

So what does the stupid motherfucker do? Of all the people in the room, he turns to the fucking boss and pulls the trigger.

Ma always told me to make sure the things I did were good for me, but I’m not so sure about this one. I shoved the boss so hard he went down like a bag of meat, and I was standing in his spot.

Fuck me, it hurts to die. I can hear Ma yelling at me now—telling me how stupid I am for getting shot. I know, Ma, I shouldn’t ‘ave done it, but bad shit happens every day.

“You’re a fucking legend, Mike.”

Hey Ma, the boss said I’m a legend. Maybe this thing was for the best after all.